A Picnic I Enjoyed – Short Essay

As kids, we always looked for various places, or various things that make us happy and our parents usually took us to those places as they knew that it would make us happy. For me, going for a picnic was always a fun thing to do, and my parents always agreed to my demands of going for picnics. Picnics are always very enjoyable, but here I would like to talk about a picnic I enjoyed in the best way possible:

  • When I was 7, I went to Delhi with my family to meet my Paternal Uncle and his family. As I was young, I enjoyed the journey, and a few hours after we reached, my Uncle decided to take me to one of the most beautiful places in Delhi, The India Gate. Maybe as we have grown older, visiting that place might have become boring for many, but for me, it will always be the best due to the memories that I have.
  • We went to the children park where I, my younger brother and my cousins enjoyed a lot as there were lots of roundabouts, toys, slides, etc. which we as children loved a lot.
  • Then, we along with our family went boating. It was my first time that I had seen someone boating or being a part of boating, and I was enjoying the fact that we are wandering around the river which I felt at some point of time before coming to Delhi was never possible.
  •    The night came, and as expected the nightlife of India gate became more enjoyable. The place got decorated with beautiful lights, and the sky got covered with LED coated hand planes which the local vendors were trying to sell. I took one of them, and my eyes went wide open with joy when I see my plane getting lightened up as soon as it went up in the sky.
  • While going back to our house, we say an Ice cream vendor at the place, and we ate our favorite chocolate ice creams.

The memories of this picnic are still alive in my head, and I have a few pictures which my family had taken with digital cameras, and I always keep them at a safe space so that such beautiful memories should not get thrown away by mistake.

By Vishakha