Essay on Family and Its Importance


The family is the most elementary group of any society. This social group consist of father, mother and children. It influences one’s life straight from birth till death. Most social scientists have come up with meanings on this which basically involves being bonded by marriage and blood. The most important aspect of a family is that its ancestry can be traced.

Most people are used to nuclear and extended type of a family but today I will approach this in a broader perspective. The following are types of families:

  • Based on birth
  • Based on marriage
  • Based on residence
  • Based on ancestry
  • Based on authority and nature of relationships

 Importance of a family

Having seen the different types of families then it will be easier for us to identify the importance and influence that it has on a person’s life. The following are importance of a family.

Provide support

Family always gives support ones in any way they can, they got your back in hard and easy times in your life. When one is feeling low in life, they bring your spirit from the low place, making you forget all the worries in life.

Provide a sense of belonging

It has been research that human beings have belonging needs, is as well as basic need in life. Family gives you a sense of belonging, when one is way, he or she will miss his or her family and desires to be back as soon as possible because one shares a unique bond with the family,; your grandfather, your mother, your sibling ,your father,etc. The family has always known your past and present, what you can do best, in short they know you well that nobody can.

It’s a source of entertainment

Family entertain ones while cracking crazy jokes especially when you go out together or while having dinner, they can make one breaks rib, also giving sad stories which makes one cry. For kids parents gives them the bedtime stories to act as a lullaby.

Provide protection

Like when a new born is born with its delicate body, the family provide protection to it until its full grown an can handle his or her issue alone. It also protect teenagers from bad influence and unhealthy behavior in their stage, showing the way out to adulthood, this is done by elders.

Helps in decision making

Decision making is necessary for day to day lives. Family is there to ensure that we make the right choices and the right decisions. This will ensure that we don’t regret later in life.

It is source of comfort

Sometimes we feel low in life to an extent that one might desire to quit. However, the family offers a shoulder to lean on and provides necessary comfort that we require for our day to day living.

Family is reliable and dependable

Family provides a lot of things apart from the basic things. It is the last resolution that we can count on when we are facing challenges however much people fail us they will always be there for us.

Children learn values in the family

Children are sensitive beings who should be exposed to good virtues and morals when they are growing up. Therefore, during this stage the family takes this responsibility to ensure that they learn the good virtues.

Provides financial security

Family provides financial security for all the family members especially when some of them have jobs. They combine their earnings to pay bills and even meet individual expenses. Furthermore, this is a platform where you get to learn how to save money as little as it is.

Family helps people live longer

Research has shown that family ties helps one to live longer especially at the old age. The love and care that the family provides increases life expectancy of an individual

Helps to prevent crime

Recent survey has shown that the prisoners who are visited by families tend to change and repent their crimes than those with no family visits. This is because of emotional support and the hope that the family provides that makes them to change their way

Family is a source of wealth

Most of the big and successful businesses around the world are owned by specific families. This is because of hard work and teamwork that each family member contributes to ensure that the business grows.

It contributes to healthy living

Most families have high preference to balanced diets, good sanitation and they emphasize medical seeking behavior for any of its sick member. This eventually results to healthy lifestyle among the family members.

It provides stress relief

Family ties provides stress relief by boosting self- esteem which lessen anxiety especially for the young people who are exposed to the world of violence. This bond is a strong shield during hard and troubling times

Prepares you spiritually

The family can be equated to a small church where biblical doctrines are taught since childhood. This prepares one spiritually and by keen observation you will realize someone was expose to church when he was young will stick to it even during his old age


Family as we have seen is our shelter of hope and our source of strength. Love your family members because they will always be there for you. They will support you and wish every good thing in life.

By IsaacV

Updated on May 5, 2020