Essay on Importance of a Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is taking foods which comprises of the major nutrients which are: proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. It is recommended to supplement your meal with water.

Therefore, eating a balanced diet is not complicated all you need to do is to choose from the major food groups .For instance I would choose meat, rice and a banana for my dinner and I would have simply eaten a balanced diet.

Importance of balanced diet

Sometimes the question is not all about why a person should eat a healthy diet. Therefore, continue reading to discover the importance of a balanced diet.

Helps in weight loss

Junk food has always made many to regret the rapid weight gain which becomes hard to shed it off in future. Therefore, if you have a problem with losing weight, eat a balanced diet which contains fresh low -calorie contents i.e. high-fiber whole grains, veggies and fruits.

It reduces the risk of contracting lifestyle diseases

Lifestyle diseases include diabetes, cardiovascular infections and cancer. All these diseases are greatly caused by poor eating habits. Therefore, to be on the safe side all you need is to take a balanced diet with no fail.

Saves your money

Eating a balanced diet provides you with the essential minerals and vitamins that your body require. Therefore, instead of wasting your money on supplements why don’t you try this cheap and simple dietary lifestyle?

Helps you feel energetic

Carbohydrate is essential component of a balanced diet which is an energy giving food. Eating this along B-complex vitamins facilitates your body with sufficient energy that you require.

It is good for skin and hair

Eating a balanced diet supplies your body with nutrients that are essential for your and skin thus making you look prettier. Your skin will be supple and smooth and your hair will be darker and healthier. You don’t have to use cosmetics invest in a balanced diet.

It keeps digestive system healthy

Research from various institutions of nutrition and dietetics have revealed that food that have high -fiber content helps in digestion. Therefore, if you experience bloating and constipation such food is good for you.

It improves mental health

Getting the right nutrients will ease you from depression and anxiety. This therefore, improves on the status of your mental health.

Good for growth

A balanced diet is very important especially for young children and adolescents. During a child’s growth the cells require these nutrients so that growth can be steady and efficient.

It boosts your immunity

Balanced diet has the essential nutrients required by the body to have a sturdy immunity. If you closely observe people with weak immunity you will realize that they lack that apple a day which will keep the doctor away.

It provides the body with Antioxidants

Antioxidants are necessary for fighting free radicals which damages body cells. Therefore, eating food especially whole grains, nuts, veggies and fruits will be necessary for your body.

You will be setting good example

Todays’ younger generation are not sensitive to balanced diet because their parents neglected such a healthy lifestyle. That is why you find most teenagers are suffering from obesity. It is therefore good to observe this as a way of setting good example.

Taking a balanced diet is delicious

Balanced diet has a range of flavors for your meals which breaks the monotony of only a single taste. If you like delicious food go for a balanced diet.

You will live longer

Balanced diet increases your life expectancy by avoiding diseases and toxins which are found in junk food. Studies have revealed that people who have adhered to this healthy dietary lifestyle live for long.

It makes you happier

Did you know that bananas have dopamine which is a mood booster in your brain? Therefore, including it in your diet will make your days brighter and lovely.

It increases your productivity

Balanced diet makes you stay alert for long. If you are working on a busy schedule then definitely you will be more effective in your job which implies more work which translates to better earnings.


Having seen the importance of balanced diet the remaining task is now to actualize this important practice. Start today and slowly develop your diet. Don’t miss to enjoy such benefits when you still have a chance to live a healthy and productive life.

By IsaacV