Essay on Importance of Agriculture

Agriculture is a branch of science which deals with farming which is characterized by rearing animals for food and other products and growing crops. It is an important source of livelihood worldwide. Some perceive it as a tedious activity but it is responsible for food security in a nation.

It is characterized by different branches which include: farming, apiculture, aqua farming, forestry, fishing, whaling, and ranching. All these fields have its own contribution to sustaining life here on earth. Possibly, without agriculture life would be hard and people will have died through starvation.

Importance of agriculture

This essay covers all the important impacts that are brought about by agriculture

Food supply

Agriculture is the primary source of food in every part of the world. Major food products ranging from carbohydrates to vitamins are attributed to this important activity. The food thereafter will provide nourishment to our bodies for a healthy living.

Source of cosmetics

Have ever wondered where all these cosmetics come from? It is important to note that floriculture has played a role in the production of cosmetics. Flowers are a rich source of perfume and dye products. It has also been used for decoration especially during parties and ceremonies

Production of medicinal drugs

Many of the medicinal drugs are obtained from agriculture. Alkaloids which are used as a component of painkillers are obtained opium poppy plant. Many laxatives which is used to treat constipation are products of agriculture.

Source of cloth material

Cotton and silk are one of the outstanding materials used in cloth making. Fiber and wool are widely used in making clothes despite the upcoming use of polymers and other synthetic materials used in making clothes.

Source of employment

Agriculture provides direct employment for farmers since they depend on various farming activities for their income. Researches, on the other hand, earn through it indirectly by coming up with improved seeds for quality products and genetically modified foods.

It is a source of government revenue

It is one of the biggest sources of revenue for most governments around the world. This is achieved through the export of agricultural products to various parts of money which earns the country revenue.

It reduces poverty

Once a population is able to feed itself then poverty is greatly reduced. Through agriculture, people are assured of food security and they can earn extra income through it.

Cultural implications

In some parts of the world like India, most festivals and customs are observed in consonance with agricultural seasons, products and various activities.

It reduces the dependency on fossil fuels

Planting biofuel crops gradually substitute the need to use fossil fuels as a source of energy. If this is achieved it is possible to reduce the extent of pollution globally.

Slows down the rate of rural to urban migration

Most cities around the world are suffering from congestion and its related problems. Therefore, agriculture ensures people stay at the reserves to cultivate instead of migrating to towns leading to overcrowding.

Promotes tourism

Agriculture has promoted tourism through agro tourism. This leads to visitors coming to a country to learn more on agricultural advancement.

It is a source of wealth

Agriculture is a source of wealth since various products are assets which have monetary value. Therefore, if you are an investor don’t miss investing in this field

It brings about peace

Food donations and agricultural exports build good relationships among various nations thus leading to peaceful coexistence.

Prevents fluctuation of food prices in the market

Some places in the world don’t support agricultural activities due to climate. Therefore, consumers are enjoying fair food prices due to the development of agriculture in other parts of the world.

It promotes industrialization

Most industries have been set up for the processing of agricultural products thus leading to industrialization.


The discussion above clearly illustrates agriculture is the backbone for every aspect of life around the world. Therefore, let’s embrace this together and we will all share these wonderful benefits.

By IsaacV

Last updated on May 5, 2020