Essay on Importance of Air

Air in general terminology is usually conflated with oxygen. Air actually is a mixture of gases such a carbon dioxide, nitrogen and methane. In fact, when we breathe you take in this mixture then the body biologically utilizes which are essential. Air is life as they say it plays major roles for survival of living organisms. This article explores importance of air in -depth, therefore continue reading to find out these benefits.

Importance of air

Air is what makes the planet earth habitable. Without it life would not be possible. Therefore, let’s closely have a look at its importance.

Conducting medium for sound

Air enables is to hear various sounds since it is a good conductor of sound. Without it hearing would be difficult and possibly it would be difficult to communicate verbally with each other. Without air musical instruments would be of no use.

Essential for energy transmission

All living things depends on air as a component of generating energy. Plants take in Carbon dioxide to make food and animals takes in oxygen which is responsible for bio-oxidation which leads to generation of energy.

It supports life

Have you ever walked into an ICU? If you have you will possibly appreciate that air is a necessary for life. Most living organisms are dependent on air because it sustains life. Without air every living organisms would be dead.

It supports water cycle

Water cycle is basically a phenomenon where water from the earth surface is heated by the sun which thereafter rises and condenses to form clouds. After cloud formation air helps in moving the clouds that is why you find places like forests which have large volume of air over them experiences heavy rain.

It helps in pollination

Air is among the agents of pollination especially for the wind pollinated flowers. When the wind blows, it carries with it pollen grains from the male flower which will be received by the female flower hence pollination.

Brings monsoon rains

Monsoons rainfall are largely dependent on air blowing across the earth surface. Lack of wind leads to delay in monsoons thus making areas which are dependent on these rains to face water shortages.

It stabilizes earth’s temperature

When the sun heats the earth surface especially during summer seasons, the air above it gets heated too. This air eventually rises through convention since it is lighter thus allowing cold air which is denser to occupy its place. This minimizes abnormal rise in temperature which could be harmful to living organisms.

It helps in Transport

Air is vital for air transport by use of planes. In addition to that, also birds utilizes the thrust from the air to fly around in search for food and shelter.

Aerodynamics in landing

This has led to survival of many especially in cases of plane crash. This is because it facilitates safe landing of parachutes and hot air balloons due to upwards pressure which results into buoyancy.

Facilitate food preservation

Foods especially cereals require air for drying. Air carries away water vapor present in the food thus eventually leading to drying. This eliminates moisture which would lead to thriving of bacteria hence food preservation

It minimizes pollution

Air minimizes sound and air pollution especially in large cities. Air disperses these pollutants to other places to prevent clogging which would make these cities in habitable.

It is vital component for combustion

We all know that fire is necessary for cooking food among other uses. Therefore, oxygen which is necessary for ignition facilitate this important process

It is a source of electricity

Wind mills require air so as to generate electricity. Without air electricity generated from water would not be adequate for the growing population.

It is used in fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are important devices in any facility in cases of fire accident. Therefore, carbon dioxide which is a component of air has been used for this purpose.

Used in inflating tyres

Air facilitates movement of machines which uses tyres. This includes vehicles which facilitate road transport.


It is evident that actually air has numerous importance which contributes to our day to day lives. Therefore, it is our responsibility to stop air pollution because without air there would be no life at all.

By IsaacV

Last updated on May 5, 2020