Essay on Importance of Cleanliness in School

When you think of factors contributing to student’s performance what comes into your mind? Research has shown that dirty environments lead to poor performance. The issue of cleanliness is one of the most crucial elements that any learning institution should adhere to.

Dirty environments are breeding grounds for disease-causing organisms which cause infections. Therefore, frequent sickness leads to poor student attendance which affects their performance in school.

Importance of cleanliness

Cleanliness is important to achieve academic excellence. Let us have a look at its importance in a broader perspective.

A shared sense of school pride

Clean environments elevate a student’s attitude on their school. Clean hallways, classroom and cafeteria results in a lively institution which makes it conducive for learning.

Fewer absenteeism

Absenteeism is contributed by infections which are provided to by a dirty environment. Once the school can manage cleanliness, this will reduce which allows for smooth learning to a student.

More productive teaching

School is a teacher’s workplace, and it is essential to be kept clean. They will get motivated and have the energy to teach well when there is no distraction from a low environment. Eventually, teaching becomes more productive because of teaching healthy and energetic learners.

Improved parental involvements

A clean school makes a parent feel motivated by the safety of their children his assures them that their children are learning in conducive environments which makes them offer the required parental support.

A better learning environment

The main aim of cleanliness in school is to maximize student learning experience. Dirty environments have a negative impact on performance.

Increased equipment performance

Regular cleaning of school facilities like kitchen equipment, floor drains, etc. improves on their mechanical and overall performance.

It is essential for the mental development of a student

Dirty environments propagate academic stress thus the student feel uncomfortable and weak in thinking. Consequently, it lowers academic performance.

It reduces additional cost

Why wait until the school facilities are dirty which requires a cleaning contractor? One of the common problems in learning institutions is unblocking drains which are as a result of poor cleaning. This leads to other unplanned costs.

It improves socialization

Students can interact and share ideas freely in a clean environment. It boosts their socialization skills and makes them more outgoing.

It gives an assurance that school administration cares

Can you imagine being employed in a dirty school? Dirty environment makes both teachers and students feel neglected. Therefore, clean environment portrays a good image of school administration.

It makes a student more responsible

Students will learn the importance of management of wastes thus making them more accountable when it comes to their overall hygiene.

It increases the lifespan of school facilities

One of the ways of maintaining school facilities is by regular cleaning. It makes them remain in good condition for long.

It reduces pollution

Dirty school environment can be a source of air, soil and water pollution. Therefore, it is essential to keep the school clean.

Gives an opportunity to recycle waste materials

Stationery wastes can be recycled. It can earn the school some in come when relevant industries are given the task .This is especially relevant to larger institutions which have many students.

Increases beauty in the school compound

A clean environment is beautiful. It allows for planting flowers on the pathways and trimming grass to give a fantastic look.


The importance of cleanliness can’t be denied. It improves overall academic performance and contributes to the well-being of both students and the staff.

By IsaacV