Essay on Importance of Co-curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities are activities that outside class which supplement classroom work in a way. It is done before classes, at lunchtime and also after classes. They include; debate club, sports, science club, wildlife club, math club, and science contexts… Co-curricular activities complement learning directly or indirectly.

It emphasizes spiritual and aesthetic development which are essential for quality learning. It helps certain features like extempore and speech fluency. Thus, this explains why it is part of the school curriculum.

Importance of co-curriculum activities

Co-curricular activities enhance learning, and it is essential in the following ways:

Proper Education

It is merged with academics to facilitate active learning. It makes education and more captivating since students have varied interests and talents.

Cultural values

Students will have an opportunity to learn about various cultural events comprising of different faiths and national competitions. It enables them to have diverse knowledge other than that acquired from books.

Personality development

Co-curricular activities sharpen students’ communication skills, public speaking and participating in debates allows them to express their views and have a sense of belonging which is ideal for their self-esteem.

Team leadership skills

When undertaking co-curricular activities students are grouped which eventually enables them to have a sense of team integrity, skills coordination and to build leadership skills.

It improves physical and mental health

These activities allow students to be active in school. Activities like yoga, athletics and gymnastics equip a learner with physical fitness, and they also relieve academic stress thus essential for their mental health.

Uphold moral values

These activities allow a student to learn the essential ethical values and develop a good code of conduct. Additionally, it equips them with motor skills, social ethics, patience, and empathy.

Builds Talents

Students are given a platform to discover and exploit their talents by participating in these outdoor activities. We have heard testimonials of learners who were not good in class, but they are famous musician and athletes.

Promotes peaceful coexistence

These activities allow students to make friends and understand each other better. They get to learn essential life skills in brotherhood and watching each other back. It is a vital component when it comes to relating well with other students and members of the society.

Improves academic performance

Research has shown that students who perform well in co-curricular activities also excel in academics. It is due to increased interest in school and learning to utilize and manage their time effectively.

10 Strengthen self-confidence

One of the major goals of co-curricular activities is to teach competitive spirit, meticulousness and team spirit which elevates students’ confidence.

It exposes a student to greater opportunities

Students who are good in co-curricular activities are given preference when it comes to other school roles like holding the leadership position or even representing the school in the symposium.

Encourages commitment

Consistent and diligent participation in co-curricular activities enables a student to learn to be responsible and committed person. This skill will make him be a better person to the society at large.

Develops creativity

These activities enable a student to be creative and smart which eventually translates to being a good performer in academics and being part of solution providers.

Develop social skills

These activities enable a student to be more outgoing. It is where you can extend your cycle of friends and learn to relate well with everybody including your teachers.

Develops a sense of organization

A student organization skills show the state of mind. A student who participates in these activities is more organized than those who don’t. It contributes to developing wholesome behavior.


Co-curricular activities are essential for every student since it is part of academics. It makes a student learn more things that will make him or her a better person in the future. As a parent, it is your responsibility to encourage your child to engage in these activities.

By IsaacV