Essay on Importance of Culture

Culture describes social behavior, ideas and customs of similar group of people in the society. Cultures are usually segregated along geographical borders. However, culture is defined by food habits, language, social norms, religion, music and arts.

People with the same culture share ancestry and the cultural traits are then preserved and passed to other generations. Culture is important because we are identified by it. Therefore, as much as the world is evolving rapidly it is important to preserve cultural heritage. Therefore, let’s look on importance of culture.

Importance of culture

It is said culture is as old as man himself and it plays important role in the current society as it is outlined below.

  1. Ancestry

Culture helps us to know and trace our origin. Knowledge on culture has been preserved since the ancient times till now which provides an opportunity to know more about our ancestors and the kind of people they were.

  1. Self-realization

Studying culture makes us to know ourselves better. We tend to accept and preserve the dignity to be good custodians of our culture. Naturally, it makes us feel accepted and proud to be associated with a certain culture.

  1. It makes us more responsible

Cultural traditions emphasizes on the need to be more responsible. A human being who doesn’t value culture is equated to an animal. If we embrace our culture we become more responsible.

  1. It safeguards future generations

Our fore-fathers preserved the knowledge in culture which was meant to be passed on to future generations to make their life more easy and meaningful.

  1. Helps us to know meaning of life

Culture has all phases of life that we pass as we get old. In every stage culture defines what should me rightfully done to bring more meaning of life because every stage is essential and unique.

  1. It encourages compassion

Every existing culture encourages coexistence which propagate social harmony hence leading to peace. They teach us to accept our differences and to live with one another without tribal segregation.

  1. It is a hub of knowledge

Culture is rich in knowledge because it contains every detail which supports our social, economic and spiritual lives. By closely studying your culture you will be more knowledgeable and motivated to face challenges in life

  1. It advocates for high levels of discipline

Cultural tradition has laid down laws and norms which defines a certain code of conduct. The rules were purposely made to instill the virtue of discipline to the members of a particular community.

  1. It is a source of moral values

Every culture emphasizes good moral values which shapes our behaviour thus making us better people .Moral values translates to harmonious society which is built on love and respect for one another.

10 Evolutionary enlightenment.

By study culture you get to trace where you originated and it answers all myths associated to evolution. This is interesting and you get to understand other cultures and appreciate their ancestry.

  1. It leads to better health and well-being

Participating in cultural exploration improves mental and physical health. Participating in cultural arts have positive benefits such as physical well-being, emotional and social cohesion.

  1. Contributes to job creation

Culture has led to creation of museums which has been a source of employment to many people. Sculptors and artists have also made money through their artistic designs.

  1. It contributes to tourism

Culture has made significant improvements on tourism. Several African countries are rich with ancient culture thus prompting visitors to visit and learn more on those cultures.

  1. Culture provides leisure

Culture has a way of providing entertainment through traditional songs and riddles. This also boosts your creativity and you get to socialize with people during such cultural events.

  1. Improves learning and life skills

Cultural heritage has widen opportunities for education. Some have even pursued it as a course in the university. Through this we will get a better understanding of our history


It is crystal clear that we need to safeguard our culture because that is who we are. If we collectively embrace it some of the challenges that we face in modern societies would have been eradicated and dealt with accordingly.

By IsaacV