Essay on Importance of Sanitation

Sanitation is a broad subject which refers to provision of services and facilities for safe disposal of waste. This is achieved by maintaining high levels of hygiene through wastewater disposal and garbage collection.

To achieve sanitation, the following fields must be attended to: drainage, solid waste, wastewater and excreta systems should be managed appropriately.

Essentially, sanitation is intended to provide healthy environment, provide safety and to protect natural resources

However, providing sustainable sanitation in developing countries has been a challenge for quite some time.

Importance of sanitation

It helps to keep our environment clean

Clean environment is a treasure that everyone would desire. However, how will that be possible when we are not practicing required sanitation measures? It is therefore important to dispose garbage and other wastes appropriately.

Protect us from diseases

Most diseases are caused by living in unhealthy environs. Disease causing organisms thrive in such dirty conditions hence leading to various infections.

Helps improve our health and living habits

Eating healthy foods and good grooming is a healthy lifestyle. This helps you to stay in good health by observing high levels of hygiene. Through this you will realize your general immunity is becoming more resistant to infections.

Gives an opportunity to recycle materials

Through sanitation it will be easy to collect waste materials which could have been disposed. These materials helps in saving energy and control prices of commodities such as plastics among other recycled products.

Helps reduce soil, water and air pollution

Pollution is becoming a major challenge due to industrialization and careless disposal of waste. Therefore, to minimize this escalating problem there is need to observe sanitation which will help in curbing the problem.

Enhances beauty

Sanitation enhances beauty of a residence by bring a sense of grace due to clean environment. The streets will be clean and other habitable places thus making it conducive for human living.

Helps in controlling quality of certain products

Sanitation is paramount when it comes to accessing quality of edible products such as vegetables, fruits, and even drinking clean water. For this to be achieved the production places should be kept clean.

Reduces accumulation of harmful substances

Most toxic materials such as mercury, lead asbestos and arsenic are produced in high amounts which possess threat to human health. Therefore, sanitation balances their release and ensures appropriate disposal.

Ensures clean surfaces and equipment

Keeping surfaces and equipment clean prevents diseases and pest infestation. Therefore, when sanitizing a surface you should ensure it is clean to prevent contamination

Economic importance

Sanitation helps in allocating the money that had been designated for waste management to other profitable use. Therefore, everyone should take responsibility in disposing garbage appropriately.

It makes you more social

People hate dirty people. It is difficult to get along with them since they are a nuisance .Therefore, for you to be lovable observe high levels of hygiene.

Sanitation is good for mental heath

Research has shown that living in dirty places disrupts our thinking. This is basically because we feel agitated and disgusted by the dirty environment.

It leads to poverty reduction

Sanitation reduces poverty by reducing predisposing disease agents hence reduction in medical bills. It also allows low income people to utilize resources so as to generate wealth.

Leads to increased life expectancy

Sanitation plays a key role in eradication of diseases. Therefore, it reduces morbidity and child mortality thus increasing life expectancy.

It boosts national pride and Tourism

Sanitation is a broad subject that translates to a clean nation. Tourists will feel secure by visiting a nation that has clean environment and it makes their stay more captivating.


Preventing outbreaks of diseases, pests and food-borne illnesses is easier than fixing them. Therefore, employing good sanitation practices on regular basis is mandatory. High levels of hygiene should be observed no matter what it takes for a healthy living.

By IsaacV