Financial education is important in today’s world – Essay

Financial education is important in today’s world. You might have spent a large portion of your life classrooms studying Math, English and sciences but you will be incomplete without financial education. Interestingly, you will not be given an exam on this but it influences your life greatly.

A lot of people people aged between 18-35 years don’t have any clue on the importance of financial education. Perhaps the topic on money should be taught back there at home but surprisingly even parents are not aware of this. Therefore, I have come in handy to explore all the important facts you needed to know about financial education.

Importance of financial education

Financial literacy is the ability to understand how money works. This basically involves, investment, expenditure and management. Having financial education helps in making appropriate choices on your financial life.

It helps you in budgeting

Budgeting helps you gain financial soundness. Therefore, having the right information on budgeting will help you manage your expenditures and manage your savings account. Eventually, you will have a stable financial life.

Leads to independent financial lifestyle

Most of the young people depend on the parents as the sole source of getting money. This should not actually be the case .Financial education will help you decrease dependency on other people. This is because you will expound on financial knowledge which helps you to manage your money better.

Retirement planning

Financial education will help you see the need of saving for your retirement by spending less and saving more. When you retire you will have money to invest in your projects.

Vital for understanding dynamic ecosystem

The world of money is rapidly changing with technological advancements which causes confusion to the investors. Therefore, financial education helps you to deal with such confusion by having the right knowledge on where to invest.

Helps you to be wary of choices

Nowadays there are financial institutions, insurance companies, credit unions, brokerage firms, asset management institutions. Therefore, having the right financial education helps you to choose a better and competent firm.

Economic benefits and social responsibility

Financial literacy enables you to have economic stability. This is because the economy will grow if consumers make sound investments.

It increases earning potential

Once you have the right financial education you will be able to make more investments which eventually increases your earnings.

Helps in ending the debt cycle

Having a clear understanding on your finances will help you to live a free life without debts. Financial education will offer you a way out when you are overwhelmed by loans and debts.

Helps you plan for your future

In order to plan your future you need to understand different saving options. It will help you achieve your financial goals .Therefore, with financial literacy your future is secure.

It helps understand your choices

Understanding money and finance will help you have a voice of reason for any choice that you make. It helps you understand whether you will open credit card or how you would get a better mortgage.

Creating a culture of saving

Financial education emphasizes on saving. As a young person it is important to save when you are young so that when you will be of age you will have sufficient capital for your business.

It helps you set realistic goals

When you have the right financial knowledge it will be easier for you to set realistic goals. Financial literacy will equip you with necessary skills which will help you achieve your goals.

Makes you more confident

Financial education increases your boldness when making monetary decisions. As you pay off your debts you will gain confidence to make the right decisions.

You can teach others

Most people around the world lack financial education. Therefore, once you have the right knowledge you can educate others including your children.

It is essential for accumulating wealth

Without financial education it will be hard for you to accumulate wealth. Therefore, if you desire to be wealthy you need to have the right information and implement it for your own good.


There is no doubt that financial education is important in today’s modern society. It is necessary to have this precious knowledge so that you can manage your financial life in a better way.

By IsaacV