Football Is My Favorite Sport – Short Essay

Everyone has a sport that one is crazy about, and we live in a nation where Cricket is everything, and if someone is not in love with cricket, he is assumed to be mentally sick. But I would love to be called mentally sick because football is my favorite sport and I am crazy about it. Being a football fan in India, one has to go through a lot of problems:

  • Most of the famous football leagues around the world are played at timings which are not suitable for Indians as we as football fans have to sacrifice our sleep to watch our favorite players play as most of the matches start at midnight or even later than that.
  • There aren’t many skilled football coaches present in the nation, and due to that if a fan wants to learn various football skills, he has to spend a lot of time watching videos on YouTube and practice them later to master a skill.
  • Various practice equipment of Football is not even available in the Indian sports market, and we as football fans have to order from International online markets at a remarkably higher rate for such equipment.
  • Football players of India have never got the recognition that they deserved, and that is why when we call ourselves a Sunil Chettri fans and not a Virat Kohli fans, become get amazed by it.
  • Various parents including I think that football doesn’t have the money like other sports have, which is true to some extent but only in our nation. It can be seen that Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the wealthiest sportspeople in the world and he is a footballer only.

All in all being a football fan in India is very difficult, although people are organizing various leagues like ISL every year. Still, this nation needs lots of years to understand that we can be useful in football as we are in cricket if we are provided proper facilities and coaches.

By Vishakha