Happiest Moment in My Life – Short Essay

We all look for various moments of happiness in our lives, and some of us even pay to get happy as we go to various comedy shows. But these paid moments can’t get us the actual happiness that we are looking for. There are various small factors that affect our happiness, and it can be seen from the fact that while we are happy, a message blinks on our mobile screens “ your account have been debited with Rs. 17 as bank charges for SMS service” and this message takes our happiness away. Is our happiness worth Rs, 17? No. not at all. So I try to be happy most of the time, but still, I have the happiest moment in my life which I would love to share.

  • My father did quite well to educate my brother and me in the best way possible, but I knew that his salary is not enough to pay the fees of my college, so I thought of doing a job for my own expenditures.
  • I gave an interview, and fortunately, I got selected right away. It was a travel agency where I got selected as a business executive, and they asked me to join immediately. I asked my parents and the next day I was performing my duties at my first job.
  • It was my first experience, and my employer was caring enough to ignore my small mistakes. However, I made some blunders as well due to which I had to go through lots of scolding at various times.
  • I learned about marketing, domestic plane tickets, and Visa processing while working in the agency.
  • But the happiest moment came when I received the message of my first salary getting credited to my account. It was Rs. 6000 in which I gave Rs. 1000 to my mother and spent Rs. 5000 on my college Fees. My mother and father were pleased with my endeavors as well.

The above moment was my happiest moment till now, and I am very happy that I paid all my college expenses on my own, and my father didn’t have to worry about it.

By Vishakha