How I Celebrate My Birthday Party – Short Essay

I am not a type of person who loves enjoying my birthday, but it also depends upon the kind of mood I am in whether I want to celebrate my birthday or not. But I am not in love with late-night birthday parties or the parties where people spend extravagantly on the things which are not necessary to be there. For me, I celebrated my birthday in the best way possible for the last three years, here is how I celebrate my birthday party every year:

  • Though I earn good now and I always have money that I can throw birthday parties for my friends at various restaurants and hotels, but I prefer not to do so because at such parties, we waste a lot of food and I don’t like it at all.
  • Instead, I like offering food to those, who know the value of food. I visit orphanage and old aged homes every year and buy around 100 Pizzas for them to eat.
  • It costs me around 8000, which is near the amount that I would have spent on throwing a party for my friends, but the happiness that I get to see on the faces of orphans and old aged people wouldn’t have been there on my friends’ faces.
  • The old aged people and orphans have become like my best friends, and I always enjoy celebrating my birthday party with them. They also know that on 26th July I would be coming to meet them, so they do their best to make me feel special by making a special gift of any kind with their own hands which I feel is always the best gift for me.
  • We dance, we sing, we eat, and we have fun as all the friends have at their birthday parties. But at my birthday party, happiness level touches to an extreme level.

I celebrate my birthday in the way that I feel is the best, everybody has a different view, if you feel like celebrating it with your friends or family, that is a great option too.