How I Spent My Durga Puja Vacation – Short Essay

In India, Durga Puja is an occasion which is celebrated around the nation with full joy. Durga Puja comes right before Dussehra festival, and students, as well as employees, have a week holidays during that time due to which people get a chance to see some new places or to find various ways of celebrating the Durga Puja vacations. Here is how I spent my Durga Puja vacation.

  • I am a kind of person who loves to celebrate festivals in his home with his family, and even though I get a week off from my work, I make sure that I spend the entire week with my family in the best way possible.
  • So, I knew that I would be having a week off from my work, so I made some plans for my family, I bought new clothes for my mother and brother and ordered some sweets which we all like. In addition to it, I ordered an LED screen of 55” and replaced my old TV with it.
  • New LEDs are smart and have Wi-Fi function pre-enabled in them, that is why I downloaded some favorite movies as well as events of Durga Puja and planned to watch them with my family.
  • As soon as my brother and mother reached home after visiting the temple, they were surprised to see the LED and were very happy to see such a beautiful change in our house on such a beautiful occasion.
  • Then we decided to watch the movies and events that I had downloaded in a theatre like atmosphere as I attached my home theatre with my LED and turned off the lights which eventually gave a similar experience and I along with my family enjoyed that time very much. After a while, my mother brought some snacks which we ate thinking that it is the movie’s interval.

All in all, it was such a great experience to spend my Durga Puja vacation with my family in such a unique yet beautiful way.

By Vishakha