If I Were A Teacher – Short Essay

Everyone in one way or the other has acted as teachers in their lives, but good are those who are permanent teachers in schools, colleges or various sports activities. If I were a teacher, I would have been a sports teacher in my school because my love for sports is way beyond than any other school subjects. Here is what I would have done if I were a teacher:

  • I would have called out all my students for a morning session, and I would have taken care of their cardiovascular activities like running, cycling, abs exercises and all other exercises which would build their stamina.
  • I would have made their diets built explicitly by dietitian so that every student is training and eating according to the goals that he is having. In these specific diets, one would be having exact macronutrients and exact calories that a student according to his goal needs.
  • I would have asked the Principal and other teachers to request their respective students to participate in the sports activities as much as possible and to try to reduce the burden of other subjects for some time so that students participate in sports activities more and stay fit.
  • I would have asked the Principal for one extra sports period because one 45 minutes class is not enough always and at least 1.5 hours are required for proper training of every kind of subject.
  • In the evening, I will teach all the students about the respective sports that they want to play. The techniques and the basics would be taught during this interval of time.

In this way, I will definitely become a good teacher but what I will do extra is that I am sure that from my teaching many new sports lovers will emerge from the school that was not willing to take part in sports activities before because of the burden of studies. The idea here is to teach everything that I would know about certain sports to the students willing to learn it.

By Vishakha