If I Were the Principal of My School – Short Essay

Every student has someday imagined becoming the principal of his school. And after becoming the Principal, one would have thought of changing various rules implemented in the school. Like children, I also made some ideas that if I were the principal of my school, I would have implemented them. These ideas are as followed:

  • I would have changed the uniform of my school as white shirts, and grey pants have become quite dull now, and I would have changed that to sky blue shirt with navy blue trousers with dark blue Tie and our school’s batch on it.
  • I would have made sure that only those are hired who are having excellent communication skills regardless of the experience they carry as nowadays communication skills matter more than the experience.
  • If I were the Principal, I would have undoubtedly conducted two periods of advanced computer training for the staff as well as for students willing to learn extra about computers as enhanced knowledge of computers is very necessary nowadays.
  • If I were the Principal, I would have conducted two periods extra for Personality development of students of various classes as Personality development, and excellent communication skills are a must for everyone who needs a good career ahead.
  • I will make two shifts in school timings, and students, as well as teachers, can either come in the morning or in the evening whichever suits them the best. In this way, students will learn during their time of interest and teachers will also teach during their best time.

These were a few changes that I would have made if I were the Principal of my school. But I think to become a Principal; one should have gone through various phases in his life, he should be a college student, he should be a teacher and then a Principal. In this way, a Principal would understand the problems of the students as well as teachers if there are any.

By Vishakha