My Best Friend – Short Essay

Everybody in this world has a best friend, and some of them have more than one best friend. A best friend can be anyone; he can be your classmate, your colleague, your sports partner, your life partner or anyone else in this world. But I am the type of person who hasn’t had many friends until now and my best friend is my younger brother, Rahul, with whom I can share all the thoughts that people usually share with their best friends. Here are the best qualities in our friendship that we share with each other.

  • We both are fitness enthusiasts, and that is why we both prepare meals for each other and support each other during weight, and that is why we are quite famous in our gymnasium due to the kind of training that we do.
  • We go to movies together; we play cricket every Sunday, I help him in his studies and tell him about various tricks with which he can get some kind of success in his life.
  • As an elder brother as well as a best friend, it is my kind duty to protect my best friend from any kind of problems as well as from any bad habits that he might be getting indulged into.
  • It is not like that I am only the responsible one in this friendship. Though he is quite young to me, still he teaches me a lot of things and motivates me to achieve new heights in my life which is always the best duty of a best friend, and he is performing it very well.
  • The best thing about our friendship is that we don’t have any kind of jealous from each other. If he performs well, I as an elder brother get really happy, and if I do something useful with my life, he gets very happy.

These were some great qualities of my friendship with my best friend, and I hope that everyone in this world shares this kind of friendship with his brother so that no fights can happen ever between the families ever after.

By Vishakha