My Contribution to Save Environment – Short Essay

A lot of news comes out daily that our environment is getting polluted and affected by the latest technologies and other items which are not good for the atmosphere. In my school and college, I have learned quite a bit about the environment and now looking at the condition of various cities in my nation, I feel it is time for my contribution to save the environment from the harm of humans. Here is how I will save the environment:

  • We all know about the Chipko movement which was held to conserve forests in the 1970s because at that time forests were getting cut very drastically and a number of trees in the country had gone very down. Similarly, I will conduct such a movement in various metropolitan cities of India and to make this movement a big success, I will invite youth to take part in it and will send them an invitation through various social media advertisements.
  • I will roam around various schools of my nation, and I will teach every student to plant a tree near their house, and I will also tell them about the value of water and why they should save water if they want to have a bright future in their family.
  • People throw garbage in open areas of the cities which are making our environment polluted. I will make sure that I will teach people to recycle their garbage and if something can’t be recycled, it should be thrown to a place which is actually built for keeping garbage only.
  • I will request the youth and other people to stop using instruments whose rays are continuously affecting the environment.
  • I along with my family members will pledge to plant a tree every week at a place where no. of trees are very less, and in this way, there would be more greenery which will be for the advantage of the environment.

This is how I can contribute to saving the environment, I can only spread the word and do my deeds, but the rest of the people need to be aware as well that they need to think about the environment before making any mistake.

By Vishakha