My Dog – Short Essay

My Dog

Dogs are like family members for every dog owner, and there is very less number of people who treat a dog like a dog, the rest of the people treat a dog like their son or daughter. I love dogs very much, and I have always made sure that my house would be full of pet dogs and that is why I have four pet dogs in my house currently. My dogs are very well behaved and well-mannered and here are some of the qualities they have and also about the bond that we share.

  • I don’t need an alarm because my pet dogs wake me up every day and the day becomes so wonderful when I see the beautiful creations of God whenever I open my eyes. They know that it would be me who would be taking them to walk and it would be me only who would be feeding them so all of them jump to my bed and start doing various activities with which I can wake up.
  • My dogs are like my friends, and I can shout on them, I can adore them, I can share all my secrets with them, and in return, all I am going to get is loyalty and true love.
  • I have two pugs and two Pomeranians, and thus I have created a very weird combination because two of them don’t make a noise at all and the other two can’t keep calm for a minute.
  • My dogs like to eat the food that I especially make for them, and I can say that I was never a cook, but my dogs made me one because they don’t eat raw food, they only eat the food cooked by me specifically for them.
  • I never had a best friend or a girlfriend with whom I could share all my secrets and with whom I could argue with, but I am fortunate enough that my Pomeranians act like my girlfriend only and they make noise at me whenever they feel I am doing something terrible and they adore me for all the good things that I do.

Having pet dogs is just a fantastic feeling, and when you have your favorite dogs as your pet dogs, your love for them increases even more. All I can say is that people should keep a pet dog at home if they truly want to be loved.

By Vishakha