My Failures have been My Best Teacher – Short Essay

Teaching is a noble profession as teachers teach us various aspects of living a life and moreover, they provide you with knowledge about various subjects that might be part of your syllabus. For me, my best teacher till now has been my failures, because I have different habits of dealing with my failures which have made me a better human being. Here is how my failures have acted as the best teacher of my life:

  • I started my career with an aim to build a business in web development with one of my colleagues. The business went very well, but what actually happened was that my friend took over the company from me by making me sign on the papers which I felt was a rent deed. That incident just broke my heart, but it made me realized that I couldn’t rely on anyone for my future and I have to learn it all to get big in this cruel world.
  • I failed in 11th standard even after being a very studious student, and that year my family got so shattered that they didn’t even treat me well. I worked hard and secured first division in my second chance and made everyone proud.
  • The failures have helped me to go through certain experiences which I can share with my close ones so that they wouldn’t go through any problems in their lives.
  • Everyone had a high expectation from me from the beginning of my schooling till now, and I haven’t yet accomplished in my life yet, but the failures have taught me a lot, and I am on the verge of opening my supplement selling E-commerce website.

After all the failures, I am still standing tall and facing this cruel world with a smile because all those failures have taught me something that I didn’t learn in any school or college.

By Vishakha