My Favorite Color (Blue) – Short Essay

verybody has a favorite color, and they want to keep specific clothes and shoes and other accessories of that specific color only. I also have a favorite color, and my favorite color has added a lot to my personality. My favorite color is blue and here is how I use it:

  • I have certain blue colored shirts, t-shirts, jeans, shoes, ties, handkerchiefs and a lot more and I feel that blue color is not my favorite color, but it is also my lucky color as whenever I wear something blue, something very fortunate happens to me.
  • The blue color is always in trend as it is a color which has no season you can wear it in summers and you can wear it in winters as well. The only difference may be that in summers one has to wear a light blue color and in winters people should wear dark blue color. But this philosophy is for those who follow fashion very nearly and regularly.
  • Blue colored hair is in trend nowadays, and though a lot of people might not like it, I have decided that I would color some of my hair flicks blue and go with the trend.
  • Bleed blue is the slogan for our Indian cricket and hockey team because the uniform for the Indian team is blue colored and I feel that every youngster as an aspiration to wear Indian cricket team’s blue jersey one day.
  • Nature gives us a lot which is of blue color like the sky, fruits, flowers and a lot more and seeing it all I had decided in the childhood only that blue would be my favorite color.

So, this was everything about the color blue which is also my favorite color. I am pretty sure that it is the favorite color of more than 50% people around the world because it is the color which gives us great happiness when someone sees us in blue and praises us for the clothes that we are wearing. Blue is the best.

By Vishakha