My Favorite Game – Short Essay

My Favorite Game

I am a sports lover, and I just love all kinds of sports whether it is cricket, football, hockey or any other. But my favorite game is Hockey which is also the national game of India. In a cricket dominating country I am from the very rare personalities who love other sports more than cricket, and that is why I do not miss any hockey match on TV, and if I get a chance, I watch various hockey matches live in hockey stadiums. Here is how I describe hockey as my favorite game:

  • Like cricket, hockey is a team game too where 11 players fight also score goals against their opponents with the help of a hockey stick. There are various variants to the hockey game, and I have played them all in various parts of the world. I have played ice hockey, sand hockey and original hockey on the turf as well and it might be my passion for hockey or something, but I have never seen a game more interesting than hockey till now.
  • My favorite hockey player is Sandeep Singh, he has retired from hockey now but the way he played the game, I have never seen anyone play like that. He was a drag flicker, and his flicks were so furious that goalkeepers had to face a lot of problems stopping them.
  • I used to play hockey every day when I was young, and at that time I used to see Mr. Dhanraj Pillay play which is another hockey greats of India. I still have my favorite hockey stick kept with me at my home, and I remember that hockey stick was gifted by my hockey coach to me after I had scored five goals in a match against a club.
  •  I was not able to become a part of my nation’s hockey team, but I am trying my best to teach my son the best hockey skills that I can, and I have hired the best coach for him, and I am pretty sure that he has the passion for the game like I was having, and he will definitely play for India one day.
  • I have heard a lot of weird comments on me that I love hockey more than cricket in a country like India where one gets more money in cricket than hockey. But my motive was never to play hockey for money, and still, it is not, but my motive was to make my passion into my profession so that I can feed my family with whatever money I ear.

Though hockey is not a very popular sport in India, the Indian government is doing its best to bring new hockey sensations from various parts of the country and make a hockey team which is undefeatable like the one in the 1950s.

By Vishakha