Paragraph on Save Planet Earth

The reasons why we need to save Planet Earth are many. Earth is our home and it is to many other living being like plants, animals, birds and insects. Rapid use of technology and science and has done enough damage to the planet and its atmosphere that it is time we take serious steps to save it.

Let us now look at the reasons why we need to save our planet.

  1. We need to have a clean environment as it is important for healthy living.
  2. The overall temperature on the Earth is increasing day by day. We need to take measures to stop that.
  3. The future generations need a healthy environment to live in.
  4. Biodiversity is important to balance the food chain.
  5. Nature gives us a lot of things for free and it is our responsibility to give it back to our planet.
  6. Planet Earth is our home and we need to protect it.
  7. We need natural resources to survive and now that many of them are reducing, we need to take measures to save the planet.

We all need to take needed measures to save our planet and make it a better place to live for future generations.

By: Maanasi