Qualities of an Ideal Student – Short Essay

I never treated myself as an ideal student, and I just focused on what I wanted to do in my life and eventually I came out to be an ideal student for a lot of teachers. In my school, lots of teachers still remember me as I was one of the most disciplined, regular, kind and hardworking students in the school. Today ideal students might have changed, but the qualities to become an ideal student are still the same. Here are those qualities:

  • One should wake up at around 5 in the morning and go for a morning walk which will make everyone more active. While returning back home, one should definitely visit a temple and pray for a bright future which I still do even when I have achieved so much in my life
  • One should never skip his meals as living a healthy lifestyle is also a good quality of an ideal student as by staying healthy, a student would very rarely take a leave from the school or college. I made a record attendance in every class because I never missed any of my meals.
  • Respect for the teachers and respect for elders is an essential quality of every ideal student, and one can never be a good student if he can’t respect his teachers, no matter how well educated he becomes. For example, I still bow down for my teachers whenever I see them in public or other events.
  • Doing the homework and revising everything that the teacher has taught is also an excellent quality of an ideal student. And this quality of mine helped me to gain a good amount of fame in my school as revising the stuff lead me to top in various classes and in the award ceremony, I received awards in front of all the school which made me famous among various teachers and other students in the school.
  • An ideal student never misses a chance to play sports, and that is why I never missed my cricket classes no matter how important test do I have, I still took time to practice my cricketing skills.

These were a few skills which made me an ideal student and following these skills; anyone can become an ideal student easily.

By Vishakha