Short Essay on Benefits of Technology in Education

Education means the teaching of knowledge, information and skills. Modern education is generally divided into School education, College education, Professional education and Adult education.

Technology is the use of tools, devices and machines for the comfort of human life. Modern technology is a combination of Internet technology, Information technology, Computers and Telecommunications technology.

Modern technology has multiple applications in education; and hence is indeed used by teachers across the world, for education at all levels; in all schools and at home, daily.

Benefits of Technology in Education

  1. Information technology has transformed the nature of education, because all the information sources have been transferred from books to the internet from where they can be accessed by teachers and students.
  2. Because of information technology, education has reached villages and in places where even books and libraries are not available.
  3. Information technology makes the management of education more comfortable and easy because the process of maintenance of books and libraries now not mandatory for education.
  4. Because of internet technology, education can be accessed from the comfort of your homes or office too.
  5. Mobile technology has given access to education in the palm of your hands, where you can access education even while on the go, or while travelling.
  6. Because of technology, on the internet it is possible to access rare and challenging sources of education, like advanced books, rare books, expensive books, etc.
  7. Because of modern technology, the time and duration of accessing education has also become more flexible because your education is not limited to schools or colleges.
  8. Because of modern technology, many schools and colleges offer online educational courses and training programs.
  9. Using internet technology platforms, it is possible to share and receive education from one country to the other. Students can take educational courses from foreign universities without visiting them.
  10. Because of modern technology devices like Social media, it is possible for students to share educational material with each other, instantaneously and easily.
  11. Because of cloud technology, it is possible for teachers and students to save and store their educational materials and resources on the internet.
  12. Computers and internet technology has made it easy to hold educational conferences and workshops for a global audience via the internet.
  13. Adult education has become more easily accessible via the internet and adults can use the flexible hours to learn around their working hours.
  14. With the internet and mobile technology, specialized teachers can share their training and skills [e.g. music, art] with their students without joining a school or college.
  15. With modern technology the longevity of storage of educational resources has increased infinitely.


Modern technology has made education more easily accessible across the world, and also more affordable to all socio-economic groups.

By Janhavi