Short Essay on Career Goals

In our work field, it is essential that we ensure we are evolving and getting better every time. The only way we can measure our progress is by having goals. Short-term career goals are those objectives that you want to accomplish within the shortest time possible. Mostly, not more than a year. Long-term career goals are those that will take a long time before you realize them.

When setting these two types of goals, it is imperative that you try and ensure they all relate to each other. It will be highly advantageous if the short-term goals lead you towards your long-term goals.

How to set your career goals

Envision yourself ten years down the line

Dreams are crucial. As you set out in your job, you should know where you want to be ten or at least five years later. The vision for your future will guide you so that you can understand what you need to do to get there. This is where you will start setting the goals.

Be specific

When you write down a goal, for instance, learning new skills that can lead you to the managerial position, be specific on how you will do this. It is not enough to put down a few words to communicate your goals. Go deeper and outline the steps you will take. It makes your steps clearer. Also, do not be ‘general.’

Write realistic goals

You want to be as realistic as possible. Do not put down an objective that you want to achieve something in three months that typically takes a person three years. You will ‘kill’ yourself trying to accomplish it. Also, look at your abilities.

Set goals that can be measured

As you write your goals, ensure that you put a realistic time frame for them. All steps that you will take need a time frame so that you can measure your progress. As you set the time frame, remember to give yourself enough time. If not, you will be walking right into a trap of failure.

Career goals, both long and short-term ones are essential. Therefore, be smart when setting them and you will enjoy the best results.

By Lorah