Short Essay on College Life

College life, like childhood, is a memory to be treasured. Like the different phases of one’s life, this one has its own special place, sometimes more than others even. Having finished school, one joins a college often of one’s choice, after having come to some conclusion about the stream of education to be followed the next few years.

Level Up

A college is the natural level to be followed after school, if one has decided to continue with education. Unlike school where one had to follow the schedule set by the school, the water tight curriculum and moving in an organized space, college is more spread out in terms of many parameters. One has to figure out classes or lectures to be attended as per the subject opted, the time schedule and more importantly the vast amount of reading to be gone through. A good college will no longer depend on a ‘text book’. If one wishes to study a subject well, a lot of references need to be gone through. Various projects and related activities, seminars become a part of the curriculum.


College life is in a small way the beginning of one’s entry into the ‘world’. Although in degrees still protected and in a secure background, this is a life of exploring the newly gained independence. One is released from compressed mode of working of a school. One gets to choose what one wants to study; often how much one wants to study. If you came from a school that had a uniform, you love the feeling of dressing up in what you like, although following some decorum. One likes to find more time to ‘hang out’ with friends.


With freedom comes responsibility. You are attending a college to learn something deeper. You must uphold the responsibility to keep that as the focus although it is important to explore life as it is offered to you. One can take up a part time job to get some real life work experience alongside supplementing some income.


Most people make lasting friendships in college. A few also find their life partners while studying.

College is a transition from a totally secure atmosphere to entering the world. One needs to enjoy every moment of this, but with responsibility.

By Janhavi