Short Essay on Equality in the Workplace

Equality in the Workplace

The right to equality entails the equal treatment of all people, regardless of race, age, gender or social status. It is an effective way to eliminate discrimination as well as racism. It is also a sensitive matter that has affected many people globally mainly when it comes to attaining work opportunities. As a leader in a business organization, it is necessary to promote equality for all people.

Opportunity. In a work environment where there is equality, employees are motivated to go after new opportunities. They can develop their skills and learn new ones. This also helps employers in choosing who to promote as they will be able to see the level of determination in their employees.

Contribution. Equality allows all members of the organization to be able to participate in building the organization in different ways. There is an acceptance of everyone’s ideologies. Therefore, the fear of expression is eliminated.

Lawsuit protection. An organization that embraces the right to equality is free from constant lawsuits. Employees who are discriminated against often file lawsuits against the organizations they are affiliated with.

Reputation. Employees’ feedbacks about the kind of work environment that they are exposed to matter a lot in building an organization’s reputation. Where the workplace practices equality, employees are likely to give positive remarks, leading to a good reputation for the organization.

Loss of superiority complex. In a workplace where equality is embraced, all cultures are valued in an equal way. Therefore, there will be no superior culture. Those employees who feel that they have superior traits lose the mentality with time.

Accommodation. Equality allows the organization to accommodate everyone regardless of who they are or where they come from. This cultivates a sense of belonging and purpose in the organization.

Productivity. In a work environment where everyone is treated equally, there is more productivity. This is because people can work with each other on projects without any conflict or bias.


All human beings are created the same. It does not make sense not to treat people equally because of their backgrounds. Everyone should uphold the right to equality not just at workplace but everywhere.

By Winnie