Short Essay on Olympics

The Olympics come from the ancient Olympic games that were associated with ancient Greece. These Olympic games inspired the modern Olympics that unites athletes from all across the globe. Modern Olympics is one of the most esteemed competitions, and it is a sports event that is international. There are over 200 countries that participate in the sports event.

The Olympics are divided into two. We have the summer Olympics and the winter Olympics. Different kinds of games characterize each season of the Olympics. The winter Olympics covers those games that involve snow or ice.

Hosting of the Olympics

The Olympic games keep alternating after two years. In 2018, we had the Winter Olympics that held in Pyeongchang in South Korea. Therefore, the summer Olympics will happen in 2020. The next Winter Olympics will be after four years.

Different countries get the chance to host the Olympic games. As a state becomes the host, there are so many advantages that the country faces.

The Olympics have a lot of advantages, and some of them are:

Foster relationships between countries

200 countries come together to compete for the top three positions at the Olympics level. One thing is a guarantee: as people mingle, relations between countries will be fostered. Other than that, they will also grow stronger.

Economic growth for the host country

The country that hosts the Olympics gets an influx of tourists who are there to support their country. When the people from across the globe start to come into the country, the finances of the country will drastically increase.

Perfect for talent appreciation

There are so many talented people in the world. The Olympics provides an avenue to appreciate every talent that falls under sports. This encourages other people who have skills in sports.

Earns a country recognition

When a country has sportspeople who are gifted, and they win the most number of gold medals in the Olympics, the state will gain global attention. This is prestigious and gives a sense of value.

The Olympic competitions are the best, and you should look forward to the 2020 summer Olympics.

By Lorah