Short Essay on Running Race – Meaning and Types

Meaning of Running Race

A running race is one of the many different types of racing where some people compete for a particular title or award. People who run races have to practice over a period to get their bodies ready. As a type of competition, it mostly tests a competitors speed as well as endurance. Therefore, every competitor must be prepared physically and mentally. Remember, speed is all about your body while persistence is only possible with an active mind.

Different types of running races

  1. Springs

These are races that cover a short distance. Typically, we have three short distance running races. They are 100m, 200m, and 400m. In this race, moving your arms on a straight pattern back and forth is important. Also, runners have to stay on their track as they start and finish.

  1. Middle distance races

These are races that cover either 800m, 1500m, or one mile. It requires not only speed but also endurance and pacing. The starting point has staggering lanes, and when they are off, the lanes disappear. Runners need to stay on the lead.

  1. Long distance races

These running races are those that cover 3000m, 5000m, or 10,000m. Pacing and endurance are crucial here as well.

  1. Relays

These are races that have runners divided into teams. Typically, there will be four runners and four legs. These four runners are positioned differently. The first runner will hand the race to the second, the second to the third, and the third to the fourth. Before hand-offs, runners must be within specified areas. The legs can feature intervals of 100m or 400m. Therefore, the whole distance can be either 400m or 1600m.

  1. Hurdles

These are races that are full of obstacles along the way. The runner will have to jump over the impediments to the end. In as much as it covers a short distance, it is one of eh hardest races. These races cover distances between 100m and 400m.

These are some of the different running races that we have. Depending on your speed and endurance, you will know the perfect race to opt for should you be interested in racing.

By Lorah