Short Essay on School and Its Importance

School is one of the most salient aspects of our lives. By going to school, we acquire an education. With education comes knowledge and mastery of the skills needed to become functional individuals in society. Experience in itself is also a school as the learning process never ceases. However, it is important for everyone regardless of age to have that exposure to an institutional school setup.

The importance school in our lives

  • Gain knowledge. There is a lot of information and experience which you can get from a school setting. You can share your ideas and get exposure to the ideologies of others.
  • Socialization. School is a great way of building a network of friends with whom you share the same set of thoughts. Most long-lasting friendships and even business partnerships have originated in the school setting.
  • Learn basic skills. School provides an excellent platform for learning basic skills such as reading, writing, and verbal techniques. These skills are used in everyday life. Therefore, it is vital to master them.
  • Develop talents. Schools provide an opportunity for you to harness your abilities effectively. There are different clubs in school which allow you to showcase and grow your talents by learning from others and sharing what you have to offer.
  • The school does not only offer education and technical knowledge. It also helps you to become a valuable individual in the community by teaching virtues like kindness and respect. That prepares you for the future when you go into the world.
  • In the school environment, it is impossible to work alone. Interacting with other fellow students and instructors teaches you about collaboration. It also equips you with the necessary intelligence and patience to deal with different personalities.
  • Community. The school environment ends up feeling like home for others. The people you interact with in school become part of your community, and you share more than just education.

A world without school would bring about very many difficulties especially when it comes to learning. Whether you are an adult or a youth, there is no age limit as to when to go to school. It is an essential experience for everyone.

By Winnie