Short Essay on School Bus

A school bus is a bus that a school uses to transport their students to and from school. The school can own the bus, contract, or lease it. A lot of schools across the world are adopting the use of school buses for convenience.

Therefore, schools need to ensure they offer safe transportation for their students.

School bus safety

Some of the safety measures that schools can put in place to guarantee their student’s safety include:

Hiring qualified drivers

Hiring a school bus driver is not something that you do while ignoring some crucial factors. A driver must have the experience of driving and not just any car but a school bus.

Presence of numerous emergency exits

The exit plans of any school bus must be excellent. This includes the number of emergency exits. When a mishap occurs, students tend to panic very fast. It will help if they can find a quick way out that is not congested. 70 students cannot wait for one door when trouble is approaching. This may cause them to make risky decisions like getting out by jumping through the windows.

The bus’ mirror

The mirrors of the school bus must have a broad field of view. The large vision field helps the driver to see the students they are dropping off or picking up. Therefore, they will not knock them down accidentally when they are going off.

Putting markings that are retro-reflective

A lot of times school buses operate in tricky conditions when the visibility is very low. Schools should take it upon themselves to put reflective markings for maximum security in low visibility. These markings can outline the width and heights of these vehicles. Other vehicles will quickly see the vehicles.

Ensure buses are in excellent working conditions

The working conditions also include the presence of functional safety belts and so on. The windows should work properly, the seats should be firmly held on the ground, and the parts of the bus must be excellently functional.

These are some of the safety measures for school buses to ensure students remain safe always.

By Lorah