Short Essay on ‘School Days are the Best Days of Our Lives’

School days are the best days of our lives, and more often than not we find ourselves wishing to go back to that time. Besides the hectic educational demands and time limitations, the days we spend in school bring heart-warming memories and experiences. Some people never realize that until it is too late. For that reason, this article highlights why that is the case.

Reasons why the school days are the best days of our lives

  • Lifetime friendships: It is no secret that most of our deepest and longest friendships and relationships are formed during our days in school.
  • School trips: This is one of the most fun aspects of being in school. School trips give you a chance to bond with your friends outside the school setting and enjoy discovering new adventures together.
  • Exercise. It is difficult as an adult to get time to exercise but in almost all schools, exercise is mandatory. The timetable includes Physical Exercise as a subject. When sports are not compulsory, it is easy to get very lazy.
  • Holidays. There is always a holiday to look forward to when in school, whether Easter holiday, half-term and the most loved one, summer holidays.
  • Short days. School days end in the early evening hours and do not start so early in the morning. To get such kind of a day post-school is nearly impossible.
  • Resources. Schools have all the materials you need for your education like books, pens, and novels. All resources are readily available.
  • Fewer worries. There is not much to think about besides lunch allowance while in school. Everything else is provided, and basically, the only responsibility you have is to study and attend classes.
  • Limitless creativity and imagination. It has been proven that during the school days, imagination is at its peak. You get lost in your world often.


It is essential to make use of the time in school to get the most out of it. Build friendships, get good grades and enjoy the moment.

By Winnie