Short Essay on School Picnic

A picnic is typically a meal that one organizes to take it outdoors in the midst of the beauty of nature or a place that is scenic. We have all been to picnics with families or friends. It is a refreshing and fun time that many people live to remember. But how about a school picnic?

A school picnic happens when a school plans for the students to enjoy a meal outdoors. The picnic usually takes places in a different setting other than the school compound.

Organizing a school picnic

There are several things to consider when holding a school picnic so that you can make it an incredible experience. You should:

Pick a class

As a school administration that is planning for a school picnic, you may not be able to carry the whole school at once. It may prove to be hectic to organize these students and keep an eye on all of them. Therefore, take a group at a time. Take different classes at a time. This becomes easier and manageable.

Pick a unique place

When scouting for a picnic spot, ensure that the site is unique and memorable. This gives the students a chance to experience something new. This is what will count most. It will not be so remarkable if you take them from class to their school’s field to have lunch. They have been there thousands of times.

Pick a meal

Decide on what the students are going to eat during the picnic. If they are going to indulge in snacks, what type of snacks are you going to get them? When taking them out on a picnic and you want to make it memorable and unique, do not give them what they are used to at school. If it is lunch, change the menu slightly.

List the activities to engage in

The picnic should be more than eating outdoors for the students. Write down a list of fun activities that they can participate in and make it a fun-filled experience. They will create memories that they will cherish.

School picnics are fun and a time for students and teachers to bond. Therefore, have excellent organizations.

By Lorah