Short Essay on ‘Science and the Future’

Science is a field of study that is always evolving and shocking us with new things. As a field of study, it encompasses areas such as social science, applied science, physical science, formal science, and so on. There is a multitude of subjects covered in this broad term.

With so many technological advancements thanks to the different scientific fields, we have seen science grow and evolve. With continuous growth and improvements, we can only hope that, in the future, science will keep getting better and better by the day.

W do not expect science to slow down in the future. We have seen excellent progress when it comes to fields like medicine, food science, computer science, aero-science, neuroscience, and more. Technology has played a crucial role in innovation in all areas.

As technology keeps growing by the day, science will be at the center of the growth. Technology is a powerful tool that has helped a lot of scientists to make discoveries which is the achievement of science. Through these discoveries and innovations, the quality of life that we live will be impacted as well as the world.

When it comes to medicine, better ways will be devised to deal with health care conditions that seem impossible to deal with now. For instance, we have seen how the treatment of cancer has advanced over a period of 100 years, and things keep looking brighter. This is just one example among many more.

Food production industry will also become better. New ways are coming up to ensure that farmers get produces that are healthy, are safe from diseases, and are of high quality. All this is because of the scientific developments such as genetic modifications.

The field of engineering has also become more advanced as compared to the previous years thanks to the developments in science. People have become more innovative, and they come up with brilliant ideas, designs, and ultimately unique constructions of different things.

There is a brilliant future for science without a doubt. There is more to discover and learn. Therefore, you can expect more surprises.

By Lorah