Short Essay on Social Media and Its Dangers

Social media sites have been a great digital platform where people interact and share ideas from different parts of the globe. Many social media apps are currently ruling the world like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. That has changed the lives of many people. While social media does have incredible benefits, it also comes with severe implications. We will highlight that in a moment.

Dangers of Social Media

Cyberbullying. Cases of cyberbullying have been rampant over the years. The malicious people may post harmful information about the involved party. Most of the time, this information is false.

A false sense of connection. Social media has encouraged online relationships. This draws people away from reality as they focus less on real-life relationships and conversations.

Privacy. Social media accounts are always at the risk of being hacked. Most hackers are vile people and release your personal information and content for public viewing. This jeopardizes an individual’s privacy.

Reduced productivity. Social media sites are addictive, especially for young people. It is effortless to find a teenager chatting on social media or looking at videos and photos all day and night.

Increased appetite. Spending long hours on social media sites perusing through food pictures and videos can trigger your brain to make you eat even when you’re not hungry. This is unhealthy as it leads to overeating.


Guidance should be given, especially to the young people, on what social media is about. It is important to know how much personal information to put out on social media accounts.

By Winnie