Short Essay on Space Travel and Its Importance

Space Travel

Space travel is mainly traveling through the outer space. Space exploration is often costly, and significant economic investment is required. There are massive risks involved, and seemingly it’s engaged with impossible objectives. Despite all these, there is a myriad of advantages attached to space travel.

Why Is Space Travel Important?

  • It protects the earth from asteroids: Every day, the earth is under great threat of asteroid, however, due to the well-funded space programme large asteroids with the ability to destroy the planet are adequately monitored, and their transit studied.
  • Great discoveries: It has brought with it great inventions such as the thermal space blankets that are used by marathoners, portable home vacuum cleaners and much more which borrows their principle from the space.
  • The need for new raw material: Today, there is the need for private companies to extract new raw material from asteroids. This may turn the space material into cash.
  • To colonize space: With the massive damage on this planet, it is high time scientists make efforts to figure out ways of colonizing another planet.
  • Could answer the eternal question: The Kepler space telescope recently revealed an elaborate list of more ‘Earths’ beyond the universe. These ‘Earths’ are presumably hospitable for life.
  • Enhances peaceful collaboration: Most positive partnerships between nations have emerged from space collaboration, as they cost share the technological resources, intellectual resources and much more for space travel.
  • Enhances greater world security: The surveillance satellites by world superpower nations have allowed for improved surveillance and studying the military movements of countries.


There are much more benefits of exploring the space. All these benefits cannot be exhausted in a single article. While there may be some risks involved, the benefits by far outweigh the drawbacks.

By Winnie