Short Essay on Sports Day

A sports day is a special day where institutions organize for sports activities and competitions for the people that make up the institution. However, this day transcends the confinements of institutions and reaches the global level where we celebrate the world’s sports day. This event holds every year on the 6th of April.

The United Nations established world sport’s day because of the various benefits of peace and development.

Benefits of having and participating in Sports day

Fosters peace

Sports day is a time when everyone comes together to celebrate and have a great time. They are united with a common goal, and everyone’s mind is on the goodness of the experience. Everyone wants to make memories, and no one pays attention to negativity. This strengthens peace and unity.

Strengthens relationship bonds

Relationships become stronger when there are peace and a unity of purpose. Other than that, during such times, people work together in teams. In these teams, they work and coordinate together for a specific course. People will mingle such as students and teachers, employees and employers, the blacks and the whites, and so on. Bonds of friendship will grow.

They are refreshing

Too much work without play makes people unproductive over a period. Being caged by the same routine can be tiresome, and this is not inspiring. However, sports day gives people a refreshing time. From there, they will be happier and ready for the works ahead. The mind and the spirit will be refreshed.

Helps institution to spot talented individuals

Organizing for sports day is one way to help leaders to locate new talent. As people are divided into groups, and they engage in competitions, people will be able to take note of those who have excellent sports talents. In turn, they can nurture these talents and make them productive for the individual’s good as well as that of the institution.

Sports have a lot of benefits to individuals, communities, and the world at large. Therefore, people should not take for granted the sports day. People should plan for these days and encourage participation among those that are involved.

By Lorah