Short Essay on Sports

These days with the many video games and consoles at home, kids no longer see the need to run outside after school and participate in sports with their friends. In fact, this seems like a backward thing. Actually, most parents in a way encourage their children to play indoors without being wary of the repercussions.

People of all ages need to take part in sports. Most people enjoy playing in an organized sport, e.g. soccer or gymnastics. Children nonetheless need certain basic skills to get the most out of a sport as without these skills they may often get frustrated and instead dislike the sport.

  • Physical fitness: Sports keeps you healthy and reducing the risks of acquiring osteoporosis as well as heart diseases.
  • Developing social skills: Sports positively impact personal development among youngsters. Children not only learn to communicate with other kids but their coaches and older adults. They learn leadership skills, communication, teamwork, and these go a long way helping them in their careers and achieving their relationship goals.
  • Improving confidence and self-esteem: Sports develop the player’s confidence as well as their self-esteem. The encouragement and praise they get from coaches, parents, and others on winning go a long way in shaping their self-confidence.
  • Academic excellence: Academics goes hand in hand with classroom performance. Organized sports improve the child’s cognitive skills.
  • Builds discipline and obedience: Sports activities entails rules and regulations that need to be met. Therefore, joining organized sports will, in the end, see you grow up to be law abiding citizens, who respect the authority.
  • Enables them to have controlled emotion: When growing, children should be trained in how to manage their feelings, especially the negative emotions. Sporting activities help in channeling emotions in the right and productive way. A coach will teach the kid that negative emotions and stress negatively impacts performance.
  • Relieves stress and depression: Stress and depression can be prevented or eliminated through indulging in sports.

These are enough reasons to enroll yourself and you children in sports.

By Winnie