Short Essay on Sportsmanship

Sportsmanship is the practice of playing fair, following each rule of the game, respecting the referees and official judgment, and also treating your fellow opponents with respect. All these are virtues also; it calls for fairness, courage, self-control, as well as persistence. These critical ingredients for sportsmanship have been associated with the interpersonal concepts of treating your opponents fairly and being treated fairly in return. However, the act of displaying good sportsmanship is not a walk in the park; for example, it can be tough to congratulate an opposing team after you lose an important match. However, it is imperative.

Practicing Good Sportsmanship

Learn as much about your sport: Learn how to play by the rules, avail yourself for practice, and work hard, as this promotes good sportsmanship in the end.

Learn to talk politely: That goes hand in hand with acting cautiously towards others. You need to practice it with your opponents, teammates, the coach, referees or any official.

Stay cool: Watch your temper even if the rest are losing theirs. Encourage yourself that as hard as you have trained, that is only a game and nothing serious.

Refrain from resolving issues with anger and violence: In case you are the one in the problem and someone is threatening you, then you need to seek immediate help from an official or your coach. Also, bear in mind that responding with violence could see you getting penalized.

Cheer with positive statements: Always ensure to avoid trash talking while cheering your team, and instead, cheer your team with only positive remarks.

Congratulate your opponent: That is either when you win or lose the match. Congratulate them on the game well played.

Applaud good plays: Acknowledge good games be it on your side or made by your opponent teams.

Gracefully accept: When the officials make a call, take it even though it goes against your wish. Remember that neither you nor the referee is right all the time, but they are doing the best they can every time.


As you can see above, it is not very easy to practice good sportsmanship. However, in the end, it pays off to practice it.

By Winnie