Short Essay on Student Life Is Golden Life

There is a saying that goes that student life is golden life. This is the absolute truth since being a student is the most important stage of a human being. During this time, they are supposed to be happy and enjoy life carefree as it comes. A student doesn’t have to worry about earning money, having to get home late and still have to cook, being unemployed, buying a home and more. They only need to focus their worries on excelling in academics, making the right friends, building their character, etc. They leave such worries to their parents and guardians. However, in the end, it falls squarely on the student to make the best use of their student life.

Reasons why Student Life is Golden Life

  • Redefines fun: Student life is characterized by unlimited fun. It’s defined by so many games, friends, as well as mischievous People love reminiscing about these moments. However, they cannot be relived.
  • No deadlines and mental pressure: Nonstudents, unlike students at times have to work around the clock to meet tight deadlines. As a result, they are at risk of being frustrated, stressed, the risk of metal pressure and so on.
  • No responsibility: This life is carefree, and academics should be the only thing to worry about them.
  • Good sleep: When children sleep, they grow physically. However, adults often struggle with sleep due to the uneasiness and tension in their minds due to life hassles.
  • Vacation: Student life is characterized by various vacations, g. the summer vacation where they get time off school, meet and spend time with friends and relatives or even travel abroad. This is not the case with adults.
  • You learn every day: As a student, you learn things every day that enhances your daily character formation. What you learn will be of importance someday.
  • You get pampered: Students always make mistakes. This is normally forgiven as is part of their learning curve. Things won’t be the same for nonstudents as would probably face the wrath of the law.


All these goodies and more together make the life of a student golden. Therefore you should be sure to make the most out of it.

By Winnie