Short Essay on Students and Social Service

Social service is usually an act of kindness that goes a long way to benefit the community and make the student feel good about themselves.

Students and social service should remain inseparable, even though most of them don’t like it and most turning down these opportunities.

The importance of volunteering among students cannot be understated. The mission of social work is focused on bettering the community, and when students are engaged in social work, they get close to opening many doors of opportunities in the future.

Students expand their networks: As a student, your network is crucial to your success in the future. The more people these students build relationships with, the stronger and robust the impact they can have. Social workers connect the students to not only other volunteers but also community leaders, members, and agency staff.

They learn new skills: Social service is diverse and requires the student to have different talents. While the job market may entail only a handful of these talents, volunteering will help the student to test new skills and talents that they may otherwise not have gotten their hands on was it not for the internship.

Career exploitation: Most students don’t know what they want to do after their studies. However, upon enrolling in a social work program, they can test new skills and further explore their careers.

Personal time: Volunteering is the best way to relax and have some time off your normal routine and studies.

Fun filled: Volunteering is fun it brings friends together for a right course.

You enjoy: Engaging yourself in social service gives you a sense of enjoyment and some form of accomplishment. It makes you feel even better when you know that you have helped a member of staff to perform a task or helped a community member better themselves.

Giveaways and food: Most college students are financially strained. Volunteering exposes one to free food and lots of giveaways, so it is not a bad thing in the end.

Many students seldom welcome social services politely; however, if you can think of the benefits of engaging in such services, then you will understand that is beneficial.

By Winnie