Short Essay on Summer Season

Summer season is characterized by the heat it bears and the longer days and shorter nights. This is the time of the year that comes after the spring season. Some countries experience all the four seasons while others do not experience them.

Get more sunscreen

Summer brings the heat with it, and everyone and everything will feel the heat. Too much heat will affect your skin adversely. Therefore, pile up bottles of sunscreen so that you can be able to withstand the temperatures.

Unpack your light clothes

Summer is not a time to wear heavy garments as you step out. It is a time to dress lightly. Get those sundresses out and those shorts. Wear clothes that do not have heavy fabrics. I recommend chiffons. They allow the excellent flow of air and do not feel bulky on you.

Stay hydrated

Get your water bottle because you will need it for the summer. Being under the hot sun even for a short period will make you thirsty. The heat causes you to lose water a lot faster. Therefore, increase your intake of water in a day.

Go light on the makeup

You will not need heavy makeup come summer time. What worked for winter and spring will not work for summer. You will sweat a lot during the day, and the appearance of your make-up running will be enhanced if you put on a lot of makeup. Also, heavy makeup may clog your pores.

Pile up healthier hair products

As summer approaches, make sure that your hair products can deeply condition your hair. Deep condition your strands at least once a week. When the sun hits you hard, and you decide to go for a swim, the chlorine or the sea salt in the water will not damage your strands.

Get some open shoes

Do not neglect your feet. Get some fabulous open shoes so that your feet can also be comfortable during summer.

With this information, you will transition into summer smoothly.

By Lorah