Short Essay on Sunrise

Sunrise is that moment in the morning when the upper portion of the sun appears in the horizon. Sunrise is also the whole process when the solar disk crosses the horizon and the atmospheric effects that accompany the process. During sunrise, the earth changes into the morning. The opposite of this is the sunset. Astronomically, sunrise happens for just a short while, which is not the case how a layman commonly uses the term. Frequently the term is used to refer both the twilight, the period in the morning when the sky brightens but the sun isn’t yet visible, as well as the period after the sun crosses the horizon.

Sunrise is an illusion: This is because the sun never goes anywhere, but rather, it is the face of the earth and other planets that move away from the sun.

Sunlight is white: However, the moment is the rays hits the atmosphere, the light passes through air molecules and water droplets which scatters and diffracts the light, breaking it down into a spectrum of colors.

Sunrise colors, Red, Yellow & Orange, have the longest wavelengths: When the sunlight hits the atmosphere and gets scattered, the hue colors that occurs on the horizon have the longest wavelengths compared to the blue and green colors.

Deserts and Tropical Island receive beautiful sunrise: They experience more beautiful sunrise because the area has minimal pollutants which doesn’t scatter much light.

Cloud cover enhances the sunrise view: A bit of cloud cover enhances the beautiful view of sunrise, as they reflect the first sunlight.

The rising point of the sun changes every day: During the summer solstice, this point rises to its northeastern point. It continues moving further south until when the winter solstice sets in.

Sunrises due east twice: These two days when the sun rises due east is during spring and the fall of the equinox.

Sunrise photos are among the most tweeted and shared pictures from time immemorial. People love these scenes because they are not only fascinating but also exhibit peacefulness. Besides these, it’s worth noting some little facts about sunrise you may have never known.

By Winnie