Short Essay on Tea and Its Types


Tea is a type of beverage that has been in existence for a very long time. One makes tea by soaking tea leaves that have been dried in water. The drink has a lot of health benefits, and that is why a lot of people opt for tea. Even so, the health benefits will depend on the type of tea.

Different types of tea

Some of the tea varieties include:

Green tea

Green tea is one of the most preferred kinds of tea globally. During its manufacturing, there is no oxidation, and its caffeine levels are minimal. The tea comes from Camellia Sinensis leaves. These leaves get dried and treated with heat to prevent oxidation.

Black tea

Black tea tends to have high caffeine levels. This tea also comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant. After their harvest, they are withered, oxidized, and dried. Sometimes they are also fired so that the flavor can be robust.

Herbal tea

Unlike other types of beverages here, the herbal tea does not come from the leaves of a plant. The tea comes from herbs, flowers, or fruits that have been dried. That is the reason why we have a lot of flavors of herbal tea.

Matcha Tea

Other tea will let you sieve the leaves after making the tea. Matcha tea is the opposite because you have to drink it with the whole leaf. Green tea leaves are used and are mixed with some water. You will feel the grassy/vegetable flavor in your mouth. This tea is famous among the Japanese.

White tea

This type of tea does not undergo a lot of processes. The Camellia sinensis leaves are harvested and left to wither and dry naturally. The caffeine levels are minimal, and its sweetness and flavors are impeccable.

Oolong tea

It comes from Camellia Sinensis that is picked later in the season. The tea is semi-oxidized, and it comes in so many flavor varieties depending on the region they were manufactured. The tea has a natural sweetness.

These are the different types of tea that we have. They are diverse but healthy and nutritious.

By Lorah