Short Essay on Teenage Life

Teenage life is the life meant for dreaming and enjoying. There would rarely be a few people around the world who aren’t enjoying their lives to the fullest in their teenage. And even if people are not enjoying, there would definitely be some reasons for that like family problems, financial problems, etc.

Setting an aim is really important in life, and the biggest point that one should follow in his teenage is that he should set an aim for himself and then he should go in the direction of his aim in his adulthood. In this way, one doesn’t get confused for choosing his career in future.

Due to some reasons, you are given the responsibility to feed or look after your entire family in your teenage years; it is your responsibility to take some time out of your busy schedule to enjoy your life as well. It is very important because once we come out of teenage, we merely get the chance to enjoy life because a lot of responsibilities wait for us in our adulthood, post marriage and post having children.

Respecting your parents is very important even if you feel that they don’t care about you. Because at some point in your life, it will be your family only who will stand by you and no other people would be there. So, even if your parents are stopping you from doing something, they can be right because they are experienced, and they know what is right or wrong for you.

Responsibility brings a lot of pressure, and this responsibility can be of anything. For example, if you are given a responsibility to secure good marks in your exams, it doesn’t mean that you can’t play or perform any physical activity. Performing physical activities at a young age are very important because if you don’t do it, your body wouldn’t get flexible and later on when you will be looking to perform any exercises in a later age, your body will deny performing those exercises.

One should not take a lot of pressure of securing best marks in his exams because, in the end, marks don’t matter, it is the knowledge one is carrying that matters. So, focus on earning more knowledge than marks.

These were some points that a teenager should definitely follow if he wants to have a better life in the future.

By Vishakha