Short Essay on Television

Television is a machine that receives broadcast signals, converts them into images and sounds and eventually transmits them whether in monochrome or color. As a type of telecommunication medium, it has proved its value in the society by impacting it significantly.

The TV has become one of the most reliable sources of information. By watching the tv, you will get the latest news across the globe. We have so many stations that broadcast news globally, and you can switch in and watch any news.

Other than just news, through the television we get to know about what people are doing across the globe, the troubles they are going through, and so much more. The exposure helps us to be aware of what life entails for people who are far from us.

The television brings a lot of enjoyment to our homes. You can catch a movie, watch a series, watch video clips, and so much more. We also have smart televisions now, and they allow you to browse the internet.

The most effective and rewarding way of advertising is the use of television. A lot of people watch TV in a day. In between their entertainment periods, they are sure to catch a glimpse of your advertisement. In just a minute, millions of people may be watching your ads.

Through the TV, people have been able to keep up with trends and especially in the entertainment and fashion industry. While some may complain about the westernization effects, it is not all bad. Think of cultural globalization and remember that we all learn from different cultures.

There are so many reality TV shows that provide platforms for regular folks to have a shot in life because of their abilities. These shows bring in people, and the world can identify their skills.

The TV will always be impactful to the society at all times, and the positive impacts are brilliant.

By Lorah