Short Essay on Tiger

Tiger is one of the most famous animals in the world and the national animal of India. The number of tigers around the world is dwindling, and especially in India, there are less than 1400 tigers left in the country. Tigers are an essential part of the ecosystem, and if the species get extinct, humans have to deal with a great loss in the ecosystem. That is why lots of protective measures are being taken to save tigers.

We as responsible human beings should spread the word in the world that we should do our every bit to save tigers. And the word can be spread by social media or even by walking on roads with boards in the hands of “save the tigers.” But we need to make sure that we need to save tigers by any means.

Like a responsible tourist, while wandering in the forests, one should not break any rules which can affect the lives of animals like Tigers. And while roaming around the forests, if you feel like more should be done to save tigers and other species of forests, you should write letters to the forest department of the state or central government.

If you get to know that someone is looking to poach tigers or kill tigers for the sake of fun, you should immediately contact the nearest police station so that the tigers can be saved.

Various plans and strategies can be discussed with people in contact with save the Tigers’ organization or any organization which is helping the forest department to save the special species of animals.

One can stay away from the products or items made of any animal skin especially Tiger’s skin and one should also tell others not to wear or use any item that has tiger skin in that.

These were some preventive measures that could be taken to save the tigers, in addition to it, one can arrange a lot of seminars for novice people so that they can also get to know the importance of tigers and thus they can also contribute in their way to save the tigers.

So, this was everything about today’s education system in India. India’s education system needs a lot of improvement, and it is hoped that this improvement would be made very soon.

By Vishakha