Short Essay on Traveling


Traveling is whereby a person or people move from one location to another and covering a great distance. People journey for different reasons such as leisure and business. Even so, regardless of the reason, there are steps that you need to follow while planning for your journey.

How to plan for a journey

The where

If it is a business trip, the where may be constant. But if it is for leisure, take some time and brainstorm possible locations to visit. Think of why you want to travel and you will quickly know where to go. If it is to enjoy wildlife, find the best places and sift through your list.

The when

If you are traveling for leisure, the ‘when’ is up to you. Therefore, pick the perfect time to travel. It can be on the weekend, during summer, or when you have some days off from work. If it is a business trip, the ‘when’ may be out of your control.

The how

Figure out how you are going to travel. There are so many means of transportation. We have land, air, and water. If it is by land, which mode of transport do you want? Is it by train, shuttle, or bus?

Have a budget

Sit down and write a budget for your travel. If not, you may end up spending even what you did not want to use. A budget keeps your expenditure in check.   Include transport money, accommodation, meals, and a little shopping.

What documents do you need?

Depending on where you are going, some documents may be required from you. Ensure that your materials are ready and up to date to avoid any hiccups.

Create an itinerary

An itinerary is a list of things you will do and places you are going to visit when you reach your destination. It is excellent for organization and will ensure that your days are productive and you have proper time management.

Traveling is an excellent experience. However, without proper planning, things can go wrong, and you may not have a good time. Therefore, put everything in order before you travel.

By Lorah