Short Essay on Trees – Meaning and Types


Trees are a crucial part of nature that loads humanity with a lot of benefits on a daily basis. Typically, a tree is a plant that has the characteristic features of a stem that is long, brunches, leaves, and deep roots for most species.

Types of trees

There are so many species of trees. Even so, there are two primary groups of trees. They are deciduous trees and evergreen trees.

Deciduous trees

These are trees that will shed off all their leaves at certain periods in a year. These trees shed leaves during cold seasons and particularly winter as well as hot and dry seasons particularly during summer. In these seasons, the trees will be bare.

Evergreen trees

These are those trees that do not go bare during these seasons. At every period, there will always be some leaves. They do shed their leaves at some time, but others grow to replace the lost ones. Also, all leaves do not fall off at a go.

Benefits of trees

Home for the wild animals

Forests provide a habitat for wild animals. That is why when they are threatened because of human activities, the population of wildlife goes down.

They beautify the environment

Trees are nature’s beauty, and they make an environment beautiful. Their green leaves promote serenity and a sense of peace.

Help with air purification

The leaves of trees use up the carbon dioxide gas in the air and give out oxygen. That is the reason why the countryside has fresh air while cities cannot compare because of pollution.

Improve the climate

By using up carbon dioxide, the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere will go lower. Because of this, the weather will change for the better of humanity.

Trees are natural air conditioners

The process of evaporation that occurs from trees helps to condition the air. In places where trees are, during the hot weather conditions, the temperatures in these places will be lower.

Trees are essential for healthy and comfortable living. That is why countries emphasize tree planting. Be a part of the movement.

By Lorah